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When younger, I used modern personal care products. When I realized that they were filled with toxins, chemicals, artificial colorings, flavorings, perfumes and even petroleum by-products I switched to “all-natural” products. It didn’t require rocket science to realize the harm. Even then I was often disappointed, sometimes with performance, the price, and especially the “green-washing” where they are marketed as much more healthy than they really are. I have considered making my own but I really don’t have the desire to do so.

Luckily, I have discovered The Dirt: Paleo Personal Care. This small company’s focus is on oral hygiene creating toothpaste and lip balm for the health conscious consumer. If you are not interested in reading more, you can go right to their web-site by clicking this link http://thedirt.refr.cc/NPXLKT4 . You also receive a sweet deal, 15% off your first order (at least until the end of 2017).

The-Dirt-ToothpasteThe Dirt Trace Mineral Tooth Brushing Powder is made with bentonite clay, organic Saigon cinnamon, baking soda (aluminum free), organic myrrh gum powder, organic nutmeg, orange and organic cardamom essential oil. As you can imagine, it has an enjoyable scent, like spiced orange. The gentle scrubbing action from the baking soda, the detoxification with bentonite clay and tingling from the cinnamon and oils makes for a pleasant brushing experience. There are no suds or bubbles like traditional toothpaste, instead, this tooth powder uses the natural abrasives and re-mineralization blend to help keep teeth strong and clean.

I mentioned the toxic ingredients in most products, one such example is glycerin which can be found in just about all toothpastes and on the surface appears benign. Glycerin gives toothpaste its pasty feel and is not needed. In fact, it coats your teeth preventing them from being able to remineralize even if exposed to calcium, phosphate and other elements which The Dirt is full of. After switching to The Dirt, it may take up to 20 brushings to remove all glycerin residue.

TD-Dirty-balmDirty Balm Lip Treatment is another favorite. This balm nourisheds parched lips & offers relief to winter dryness, sunburns and windburns. The best part, it’s edible. Very few companies would even consider such a claim. Ingredients: raw coconut oil, grass-fed ghee, organic cruelty-free beeswax, organic coconut butter, carrot seed essential oil and a blend of organic lavender, German chamomile and palmarosa essential oils. The Dirty Balm glides on and soaks in. The herbal scent is subtle so I would consider it a viable unisex option.

TD_copper_tonge_scraper_The Anti-Microbial Copper Tongue Scraper has one function. It is amazing what this simple product can do when you scrape your tongue upon rising. It really keeps your breath fresh. Copper is a naturally anti-microbial metal that keeps bad breath causing microbes from taking up permanent residence on your tongue. Most people don’t realize that copper is being used more frequently as a defensive mechanism against the MRSA virus.

These products can be purchased individually or as a Happy Mouth Gift Set. If you are looking for improved oral care with truly natural products give The Dirt a look and save 15% on your first order by clicking here http://thedirt.refr.cc/K7QJKFP . After you try the product, I would like to know what you think.


  1. So far, I love the Dirt Natural toothpaste. The smell and flavor is amazing, yet subtle. It leaves your mouth feeling so fresh. I like simple ingredients, no flouride, fresh breath. The tongue scraper is very thorough. Now I want the balm! Great natural products!

  2. I would love to try this product, I paid for it, it would be great if they would send it. Or at least have the curtousy to communicate with me as to why the delay and give me some assurance that it will actually eventually be shipped.

  3. Ummm. Saigon cinnamon is Only a Cousin to Real cinnamon. The true plant / tree for cinnamon comes only from Mexico or India and it is called CEYLON or Sri Lanka cinnamon. Not the Asia/China substitute.

    1. Georgia, I appreciate your input, though I am not sure the point you are making. Saigon cinnamon is in the cinnamon family. It has a more robust flavor/aroma profile compared to Ceylon cinnamon so I imagine that may be why it is utilized in the product.

      1. Saigon cinnamon has the highest concentration of coumarin which is toxic to the liver. It has the best scent. not sure if concentrations in the dirt are high enough to be toxic. Just pointing that out.

      2. Robert, I appreciate your input. Coumarin is present in higher amounts in Saigon Cinnamon versus Ceylon. According to Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, their warning is that anyone who regularly eats a lot of cassia cinnamon – more than two gram (0.07 ounces) a day for a 132-pound adult – could be at risk for liver damage. What kind of damage, how severe, etc. I don’t know and they did not specify. Using the term “toxic” is misleading. In the case of The Dirt tooth brushing powder, the amount of cinnamon present is very small plus you are not supposed to ingest the powder, merely brush, spit and rinse. Even if you brush multiple times per day the amount of exposure is far, far below the threshold offered above. Yes, some of what is in the mouth will get absorbed through the mucosal lining, again, a very tiny amount. Now if you are eating cinnamon, that is, adding it to food, smoothies etc. Spend the extra money and go with Ceylon.

    2. Good to know the details Michael. Thanks. I am having gum issues at my age 58 and am looking to help that issue.

      1. Robert, if you haven’t already, I offer this blog post of mine http://wp.me/p3hWct-gk. It may prove helpful. Outside of an acute trauma to the teeth/gums there is likely to be more present under the surface. The question is too what degree you dig below the surface to discover what is driving the outward manifestation – the gums

    1. ST – I am not an expert on teeth/dental health. From observations of clients, I find that sensitive teeth are often a symptom of something deeper, commonly an infection that can be the results of previous dental work or a chronic oral problem. A good holistic dentist would be the best place to start to rule out a serious issue. That said, oil pulling can offer some degree of relief, I like using coconut oil. Will The Dirt help? Don’t know, there is no harm trying it. I don’t believe it will make anything worse. I can’t really offer anything else definite as I am not familiar with your particular situation. If you give the product a try, I would like to hear your thoughts.

  4. I like The Dirt tooth powder, but ordering directly through the company is very aggravating. Just tried placing my second order this morning and they have not sent a confirmation yet, but did send an email saying that my order was not complete and provided a link to complete my order. When I click the link, it says that my order has been confirmed and nothing else. I have been communicating with their customer service since this morning and they can’t figure it out. (However, I checked my credit card and they have already managed to charge my credit card.) The first time I ordered, they failed to deliver the package to the post office and while the USPS Tracking showed that it had not been received, the company refused to send my product until it had been at least two weeks, so it ended up taking an entire month to receive my order. Amazon doesn’t offer the large size and Amazon costs more, but at least they can handle completing an order.

    1. Terry, sorry to hear about your experience. I have been ordering The Dirt powder for two years or so and have not experienced any issues placing an order to receiving it. I am sure it will get resolved one way or the other. What do you think of the product itself? – Michael

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